Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012

"I don't always tell people that I'm coaching them when they want to talk to me," I told Orion today. "I just listen, ask questions, make suggestions on how to think differently about issues.  Yesterday an expert on oil refineries talked to me about issues he is having with his management, as well as with executives at oil refineries who don't want to do inspections that would protect workers from injury or death.  I talked to him about his personal values that drive him to be so adamant in presenting his case.  He had an aha moment, and when he left, he told me, 'I don't know exactly what you do, but you sure do it good.'"

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  1. I love this John. You're an excellent coach AND you just embody these coaching qualities in your everyday demeanor. That's just who you are.

    - Janet McIntyre