Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

"What are you working on these days, Grasshopper?" Orion asked me this morning.  "I am once again working on presence, being in the moment to allow my mind to be exposed to information that is not cognitive so my intuition can kick in.  Does that sound corny?" "No, not corny," Orion said.  "Deep." "What I'm learning, with help from my coach, is that being more present is NOT being aware of what is around me, but being more aware of what is inside me."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012

"The Olympics sure motivate me," I told Orion this morning. "What about it?" Orion asked.  "To see the physical and mental excellence reminds me how important the mind-body connection is in all that we do throughout our lives.  I am as impressed with the mental focus as I am with the physical conditioning and how hard the work is on both fronts. Very few of us make the Olympics, but all of us have the capacity for the same kind of excellence.  Never give up!  Never surrender!"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July14, 2012

"I'm tired," I told Orion this morning.  "You certainly should be after conducting a two-day executive retreat with scientists and engineers," Orion responded.  "What did you learn?" "I think the biggest thing I learned, is that when I receive feedback about activities that they didn't like, it does NOT mean I shouldn't have done them. It is almost the opposite.  Because my intent is to force them out of their linear comfort zones, maybe the more they don't like, the better for them."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26,2012

"Hey, Orion," I said. "I figured out why the staff of the Department of Environmental Quality in Saipan like it when I visit."  "Okay, I'll bite," answered Orion. "Why do they like it when you come out?" "Because they use my visit as a justification for rewarding the staff.  This trip they reserved a conference room at a resort hotel, including refreshments morning and afternoon, and a huge buffet lunch.  This is a way to reward hard working staff who earn an average of $12 to 15K in salary."  "I'm sure the staff enjoys that," Orion said.  "Do you think they also get a lot out of what you are teaching them?" "Well, I guess there might be a little of that.  One person, who remembered me from 7 years ago, gave me a hug and said 'welcome home, John.'"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 24, 2012

"Hi, Orion," I said, as I drink a beer at 4:30 p.m. in Saipan. "We haven't talked in a long time, like two months," Orion answered.  "Anything wrong?" "I have to admit, I started feeling silly talking to a constellation of stars," I said. "That sounds like a normal thing to think," Orion responded.  "Why are you talking to me now?" "I feel a little down, maybe a little lonely." "So here's the thing, john-boy, you tell all of your coaching clients that they have their own answers inside them, right? And what you do is bring out their own wisdom, right? Isn't that kind of what you use me for?  To bring out your own wisdom?"  "I guess so," I said. "So what's up now that is causing you to be down?"  "I just finished a stressful week in Guam with a resistant boss, and now I face a week working with 50 people, all by myself."  "We've got lots to talk about, grasshopper!"

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012

"I don't always tell people that I'm coaching them when they want to talk to me," I told Orion today. "I just listen, ask questions, make suggestions on how to think differently about issues.  Yesterday an expert on oil refineries talked to me about issues he is having with his management, as well as with executives at oil refineries who don't want to do inspections that would protect workers from injury or death.  I talked to him about his personal values that drive him to be so adamant in presenting his case.  He had an aha moment, and when he left, he told me, 'I don't know exactly what you do, but you sure do it good.'"

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6, 2012

"Why is it, Orion, that some people can overcome childhood traumas while others are not able to?" I asked my friend this morning. "Several factors come to mind," Orion answered. "The personal courage and strength to look at it, the desire to find life fulfillment, and a loving supportive environment."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

"Happy birthday, grasshopper," Orion said to me.  "How does it feel to be 64?" "I don't feel that old, Orion," I answered. "I have spent my life learning and accepting who I am, and then allowing others to see who I am.  That vulnerability is very energizing and motivates me to help others accept and love themselves for who they are."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13,2012

"Why is it, Orion, that I can be enjoying life and feeling like I am doing good things, then suddenly I get hit by an anxiety attack and feel so insecure in what I am doing," I asked my friend. "What did you see or hear that caused this feeling? And what story did you tell yourself about what you saw or heard?" Orion asked me. He then said, "Whatever it was, it touched an old button that is no longer a part of your life. Center yourself. Be present. You know what to do."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

"Sore and tired from my run today, Orion," I told my friend today.  "Why do you keep doing this at your age?" Orion said. "It's not about age.  It's about balance in body-mind-spirit. When I'm in decent physical shape, I feel better mentally and spiritually.  That really helps me when my work is emotionally intense, which it is a lot."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

"Hey, Orion.  Today is the 70th anniversary of the Japanese internment during WWII."  "Not a high point in American history, is it?" Orion responded.  "There is a good article in this morning's Sacramento Bee,," I told my friend.  "The work of scholars on the subject validate much of my experience and what I have been fighting against all my life to become who I was meant to be."

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

"I gotta tell you, Orion, sometimes it is very hard to be patient with people whose behavior seems so unreasonable."  "Where is your judgment of unreasonable coming from, your head or your heart?" Orion asked. "Good question.  I will do the three-center checkin to see if I can tell.  That will give me better insight in how to deal with this person. Thanks, Orion. I needed that."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012

"It was still dark at 6:30 when you met the surgeon from South Africa yesterday," Orion commented. "Yes, it was dark. There was a group of walkers, all orthopedic surgeons in SF for a convention," I responded.  "What motivated you to even talk to him?" Orion asked. "There was no sense of danger, and I am trying to look at every encounter as an opportunity to connect and learn something."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

"It's already February, Orion, where did January go?" I asked my friend this morning.  "I've seen you running around," Orion answered. "Are you going to get to slow down anytime soon?"  "So much stuckness in the world to help with.  But thanks for the reminder.  I've been noticing my son's posts on FB the last few days, and realize what a good man and father he is.  So, today I'm grateful for having seen all of my sons and daughter become such wonderful adults."

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

"Hi, Orion.  I'm back," I said to my friend this morning. "Well, it's about time!  How the hell are you?" Orion asked. "Overwhelmed with the added work of the new job.  I have two full-time jobs now...with only one salary.  I love the work, though."  "Are you keeping balanced, grasshopper?" "It's been difficult getting used to a new routine.  I have to get back to exercising, meditating, and being grateful for all I have."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

"We haven't talked in awhile, and now I hear you're talking to someone else," Orion said.  "I just started a conversation with my five year old self," I admitted.  "And...?" Orion said snootily.  "It's not about you, Big O.  I was just empathizing with my young self's pain of being stifled so young and thanking him for keeping the spirit alive so I could realize it in my life now.  It's like giving myself permission to be authentic.  I feel so young again."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

"Hey!" I said to Orion. "Day 3 at the new job. I'm excited and not as nervous" "That's great, grasshopper," Orion replied. "Remember your mantra today and be open to all opportunities. It's going to be an enlightening day!"